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A uniform is very important because the way we dress and present ourselves plays an important role in preparing us with the correct attitude and mind set for a class. As dance students, correct clothing is also extremely important for safety and technical development reasons as well. In addition, a uniform brings a great sense of belonging and togetherness which is so important in a dance training environment.  We want all Mad4Dance members to be proud of their dance achievements and to be proud of being part of Mad4Dance.

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Please read carefully the guidelines below:


Minimal jewellery should be worn, therefore only stud-like earrings & no necklaces or bracelets)  Hair MUST be 'tied up and back' at all times for ALL classes. 

No Sweets and chewing gum to be chewed or eaten during lesson time. Also, please bring a bottle of water to drink at each lesson.

Street Dance / Groove child / Crew

Mad4Dance t shirt, black leggings or tracksuit bottoms, socks and trainers.

Contemporary / Modern / Tap

Black double strap leotard & black footless dance tights (bare feet)

For boys - M4D t.shirt, black tracksuit bottoms and black dance socks.

Black tap shoes are needed for tap.


Primary, Pre-primary & Baby ballet: Pink ballet dress, pink tights and pink canvas ballet shoes with elastics (not ribbon please). Hair in a bun.

Grade 1 and above: Black double strap leotard, ballet tights, canvas ballet shoes with elastics (not ribbon please) Hair in a bun. Black ballet wrap skirt is optional.


Black acro shorts and black double strap leotard (bare feet).

"As a Mum, I have seen my son grow through dance. He has transformed from a shy 9 year old to a confident 11 year old who is passionate about dancing and Mad4dance! Fantastic to see!"


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