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Street Dance

Street dance is an upbeat 'funky' and current style of dance often used in commercial and
pop videos.

Street dance is a very popular style of dance especially amongst young people as it
encourages individualism, it's interactive, fun and uses music which they like and can relate
to. Street dance originated from outside of traditional dance studios. Within street dance,
there is a variety of different style characteristics such as funk, break dancing and hip-hop.
There has been a renewed hype increase due to the popularity of Diversity in Britain's Got
Talent in 2009. Street Dance is full of high-energy movements.

Students are encouraged to take their medal tests in Street which are taken in a very
relaxed and encouraging environment. For those who work hard and gain a strong level of
confidence, an invitation to join one of our performance crews may become available. This
would mean having the chance to compete in Street competitions as well as other
performance opportunities. All crew members MUST also be studying at least one other dance styles at Mad4Dance as well as continuing with their weekly
street class.

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Award Winning Dance School

Mad4Dance is proud to be trusted by dance enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Join Mad4Dance today and experience the joy of dance! Enroll now to start your journey to becoming a confident and skilled dancer.

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