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As a dance school we are dedicated to doing all we can to support and promote the wellbeing of all the students that we train. Our aim is to make nutritional advice and information readily available to students and their families so they can make informed choices about their daily diet for themselves. Heather Smith, a qualified Nutrition Advisor and founder of Good Life Nutrition UK is working in partnership with Mad4Dance to create a service which can offer this – Mad4Nutrition.

“Part of the Mad4dance mission is to empower young people and provide them with the opportunity to grow and develop skills for life.  As a parent of a Mad4dance student and in my work as a Nutrition Adviser in the community, I wanted to link up with Julie to add another element of power, the power of nutrition education for everyone.  Nutrition advice and dietary information can be as informative and useful as it can be confusing and inaccurate.  My role is to bust the myths so often fed to us on social media and to provide clear, science-based information to improve wellbeing of students and families.” 
Heather Smith 
Mad4Nutrition will be a source of information through the library of videos we are planning and opportunity for ‘Nutrition Clinics’ at the Centre (when Covid-measures allow).
The first few videos will help students make informed choices about what to eat before and after a dance class or performance, how important hydration is and how to increase fruit and veg intake even for the most stubborn of broccoli-haters!

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Snack ideas before your dance class

Snack ideas before your dance class

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Snack ideas after your dance class

Snack ideas after your dance class

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"Right from the outset my daughter has been made to feel very welcome. Her confidence has grown and she has made some lovely friends. It's such an overwhelming thing when you see your child grow and flourish - I really think mad4dance has done that for Abigail. 

Thank you Julie"

Parent - Catherine

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