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At Mad4Dance we love to offer as many varied opportunities as possibble in order to broaden their experiences, develop their confidence and provide them with amazing memories to keep forever. To date these have included trips to perform in London West End, F1 Grand Prix Silverston and Disneyland Paris.


WABs 2021

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Dog Days are Over

Mad4Dance is proud to be a part of the Wessex Association of Ballet Schools (WABS) which brings together students from many local dance schools to perform their dance pieces in a collaborative showcase.

Their aim is “to educate children in the art of dance and to give them the opportunity and experience of performing in public”

Our students were welcomed by the Wessex Association of Ballet Schools to dance at WABS 2021.

They were fantastic in two performances, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory retelling the classic Roald Dahl story with a street dance twist and our Aspiring Dancers Programme’s ‘Dog Days are Over’ inspired by post-WWII rejoicing.

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 15.21.34.png

Disneyland Paris

Trips to Disneyland Paris with our students and their families have been truly memorable experiences.  Performing our own show on stage in front of a large international audience as well as enjoying the resort for three days was like a dream come true for so many of the children.

West End London

One World was a celebration of 10 years of Mad4Dance. This colourful vibrant show was about recognising the beauty and diversity of the different cultures around the world and how important it is to reach out, unite and help those who have much less than us.

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 14.09.04.png
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