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Workshop trips are organised for the students in order to broaden their experience. These include day trips to work with top international artists such as Diversity and Twist & Pulse, as well as attending Move It in London which is the largest dance exhibition in the UK.

For many years we took part in a annual local event called A Chance To Dance which involved attending workshops run by top professional artists as well as performing on stage in a gala performance at the Pavilion in Bournemouth.

Mad4Dance is also part of WABS charity (Western Association of Ballet Schools) which includes taking part in shows with other local dance schools as well as workshops iwith ndustry professionals and West End performers.


Taking our students to the Diversity Headquaters in Essex to spend a day with some of the Diversity members was a fantastic experience where every student came away feeling inspired and excited. We had the chance to tour their studios and go inside their wardrobe, containing all their costumes made famous on Britain's Got Talent, their sell out 'Diversitoys' tour and their numerous tv appearances.

Perry and Jordan from Diversity took 2 workshops when the students also had the opportunity to train on their inflatable tumble track, on which Diversity rehearse all their stunts! There was also plenty of time made available to get photos taken with the members and get autographs as well.

All in all the day was a dream come true for many of the students!

A Chance to Dance

This is a special annual event when over 400 students from dance schools in the area come together and attend dance workshops in the day and then perform in the evening to an audience of 1200!

Each school perform two pieces which have been prepared before hand by their own dance teacher/school principle.

It is a memorable experience for students and their teachers as they not only have the opportunity to represent their dance school by performing in front of a large audience but they also get to see and experience other styles of dance.