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Street Dance Crews

Our Street Dance Crews are for our students who want to take their Street Dance training to the next level! Whether you're looking to fine-tune your style or compete as a cohesive team, our crews provide the platform for your street dance aspirations.


Our Crews provide a space for our students to surround themselves with a community of like-minded students with a passion for Street Dance.

Style and Teamwork Development

Crew students hone in on their street dance style and fundamentals, whilst cultivating exceptional teamwork skills as they train and perform with fellow crew members.

competitions and Performances

Crew students have the opportunity to showcase their skills in competitions and performances, competing from a place of team spirit, confidence and good sportsmanship through victory and loss.


How to Join

Membership in our crews is by invitation only, extended to those who have demonstrated increased confidence and skill levels in street dance. On occasion, we hold audition try-outs for our Mad4Dance crews, offering students a chance to express their interest and potentially secure a coveted spot.


We're proud to have our three exceptional crews here at Mad4Dance: Impact, Dynasty and Dangerous.


Our crews embody the values of teamwork, confidence, and sportsmanship, whether celebrating victory or learning from defeat. As a member, you'll experience unwavering support, dedicated teamwork, and passion for street dance, all while taking your training to new heights.


Join Mad4Dance Street Dance Crews and embark on a journey where excellence meets passion, and where Street Dance becomes your canvas for self-expression and growth.

Join Mad4Dance today and experience the joy of dance! Enroll now to start your journey to becoming a confident and skilled dancer.

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