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elevate foundation

Elevate Foundation is a mental health charity for children and young people and was founded by Julie Laming (MAD4DANCE Principal) and Emily Weaver in 2020.  The charity is based at the MAD4DANCE Centre and offers counselling, activities and courses that focus on wellbeing and helping young people grow in confidence, while providing practical ways to manage the challenges they may face. 


Our Vision is for every young mind to have the skills & confidence to conquer life’s challenges.

Our mission is to give young people the tools, skills and confidence through a variety of activities, courses and counselling to build their resilience and overall mental wellbeing. 


Mad4Dance school works in partnership with Elevate Foundation to help raise funds and build awareness of the mental health issues affecting so many young people today.

For more information: Elevate Foundation

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"There are so many young people struggling with the pressures that come with being a teenager in today’s world and the stresses of dealing with all the changes and choices they have to make at this time of their life. It is so easy to forget how hard it is to be young and in today’s culture, it’s harder than ever. We need to do more as a community to empower our young people so that they can journey into adulthood with a deeper self-confidence, purpose and hope."

Julie Laming

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