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    Being a Family

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mad4dance street dancer

Mad4Dance Centre of Wellbeing & Dance

M4DC entranceMy dream has always been to have a home for Mad4Dance. I wanted a space
that would become a safe and familiar place where as teachers, we would
have the flexibility and freedom to support and help children so much more. A
permanent base for the dance school would give us a stronger identity, and
enable us to have an even greater sense of being part of something really
special. Through this exciting new venture, we will can build an even stronger

M4DC upper areaMy vision for this new centre is to provide a place for dance, as well as other
activities and support for those that need it. I want it to be a place where we
can train and to develop the mental and physical wellbeing of those in our
local community. Whether that’s life coaching, craft clubs or support groups
for parents of children with eating disorders.

We want to create a space where young people won’t have to feel alone
battling with their mental health. We are fighting against the stigma and we
are welcoming people with open arms to come to this safe place in the
community, to get the much needed help and care. We want this dance centre
will really help children and young people with their mental and physical

M4DC lower main areaMy hope is that by having our very own building, it can enable more people in
this town to also experience a sense of being part of something. I really
believe that when you have a sense of belonging, when you know you're
valued and when you have real purpose, you’ll then have the strength and
resilience to more readily cope with life and every thing that comes with it. 
“Inspiring hearts-Empowering minds-Building community-Shaping futures”
The centre we are opening will be home to the dance school ‘Mad4Dance’
and will enable further classes to be opened and more events and
opportunities to be offered. The dance school will have the room to grow and
develop. The intention is also to make the dance studios/meeting rooms
available to rent to outside companies and organisations. If this is something
that would interest your business, please do get in touch.