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Aspiring Dancer Program

  • Passion

    Students that have a positive attitude to learning in classes and show a consistent desire to learn and improve

  • Technical Ability

    Students that show technical strengths across a variety of styles at Mad4Dance, showing potential to improve to higher standard

  • Dedication

    Students who show dedication in their weekly classes at a level that has already enabled them to progress significantly as dancers

What Is ADP

ADP’S Vision is to train, guide and prepare young people for the demands and etiquettes of the professional dance industry, both mentally and technically.

The need to be versatile is becoming more prominent than ever, therefore ADP will prepare each student for the technical demands of higher dance training by challenging each one to their full ability using a wide range of styles. Ensuring each student understands the importance of class etiquette, self-discipline and the correct attitude is extremely important in their preparation for further training of any kind. We will develop a high level of understanding and appreciation of dance in a range of styles including; Ballet, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary Commercial and more!

We will offer various performance opportunities, industry led workshops and theatre trips to enhance their experience and give students an insight into a career in dance. Meeting and talking to those already working in the dance world will provide some guidance and clarity for students who are considering dance as a career option.

We aim to boost the students’ sense of self and value so they can remain self-assured in various scenarios such as dancing in a room alongside other confident dancers as well as dealing with rejection or criticism. By ensuring they recognize and understand their own identity, they will be more resilient and mentally ready to cope in these situations.

We will help students develop the life skills and tools which will help them in the various aspects of their lives. Dealing with moving away from home, understanding what self-care and good nutrition is, as well as the importance of sticking to your own values are all important areas addressed and discussed on the programme in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment.

We offer ADP Gold for our senior students, and ADP Purple for our up and coming seniors!

Find out more about what these 2 programs have to offer!

For more information, or to request a Student Interest Form contact Chloe.

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