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Training Technique, Developing Mindsets, Shaping Futures

ADP is based exclusively at Mad4Dance and is proudly offered amongst our multiple pathways as a school. ADP Programs offer comprehensive training in Technique, Mindset and Professionalism to prepare students for the complexities of the performing arts industry, helping young people navigate the path to their success.


The ADP Method is a bespoke format of training created by our Deputy principal, Chloe, who launched The ADP Programs at Mad4Dance in 2020. The programs were written in order to bridge the gap between training in a local dance school and entering the professional dance world, focusing on MORE than just dance technique. ADP students are offered technical dance training, multiple performance and pre professional opportunities, and bespoke ADP Industry Mindset training.

"The Aspiring Dancers Program is a brilliant concept and has been written with an amazing depth of knowledge, intelligence and passion to help children and young people progress further on their dance journey. Every aspect is a reflection of Chloe's deep dedication to help, support and care for young dancers and enable them to aspire to levels they could never have imagined. To every child who has a genuine passion for dance, I cannot recommend this program highly enough to you!" 


- Julie Laming, Principal of Mad4Dance

adp graduates

Since the launch of the ADP programs in 2020, 100% of graduating ADP students have gained spaces in some of the UK’s leading professional dance institutions including London Contemporary, Bird College, Addict Academy of Performing Arts, The Urdang Academy of Performing Arts, Wilkes Academy, and Italia Conti.
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The ADP Experience Day offers all Mad4Dance students aged 7-16 a unique opportunity to explore life as an ADP student. Take part in industry guest dance workshops, guest talks, and watching the ADP show. This day of fun, creativity, and personal growth also offers a chance to bond with peers, learn more about the programs and potentially earn an ADP scholarship. Spaces are limited, with priority given to M4D Rising Star students. 



ADP is an invitation only program. To be considered for ADP, students must be part of our Mad4Dance Rising Star Reward Scheme. This is when students take a minimum of three classes per week, including Modern, Ballet and a class or choice. 

start your ADP journey

We constantly assess students who show genuine commitment, passion for dance, and potential to advance their skills to a high level. If you'd like to make us aware of your interest in joining ADP, please complete this Student Interest Form. This will be followed up with a 1-1 meeting with you and your child. 


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“A nurtured mind builds resilience, a trained technique creates skill, an explored soul creates an artist.”

– Chloe Burnley, Founder of ADP

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